Monopole Installation

PolyChem provides complete monopole installation starting with foundation drilling as well as caisson installation to the setting and erecting of the monopole. Services also include the installation of ballast type monopole foundations, the addition of monopole extensions to an existing structure, and the reinforcement of existing poles.

Site Modification

Because we value our clients and understand the importance of meeting your customer's demands, you can expect PolyChem to complete all site modifications in a rapid time frame.

PolyChem is experienced and equipped to provide any type of site modification to pre-existing cellular sites. Our services include electrical, telco, and antenna upgrades, modification to existing steel platforms to allow for additional equipment, installation of coax cable as well as decommissioning of existing cellular sites.

RF Work

PolyChem provides all types of RF work specific to the cellular industry. We provide antenna installation on rooftop sites, monopoles, water tanks, and existing towers. Our services also include sweep testing, troubleshooting, and emergency RF repair service. In addition, we also add or remove RF equipment in pre-existing cellular sites.

RF Service Sample Photos